Eivynd is from Venezuela,  was born the 9th of April 1993.
Since he was 15 achieved more than 30 prices as a dancer and choreographer, included the 5 championships won in a row in the category on "soloist dancer" of salsa.
He danced in the most important places of Venezuela and international events such as "Baila en Cuba 2011" in La Habana and "Cancún Salsa Mayan Congress" in 2012, being one of the participants representing latin america in 2017 in latin show, given in one of the most importants cities along Turkey. 
Daniel was born in Venezuela in 1993. 
In 2011 went to La Habana to represent Venezuela in Baila en Cuba" congress.
He studied in the dance school of Caracas where he was formed during 3 years and a half in comtemporary dance and ballet.
He has worked as a dancer in companies as Sodexo, U.S.A Embassy of Caracas, Mundo Mágico, Teatro Teresa Carreño, Ímpetu Producciones y Club de Gimnasia Rítmica Nova Occasio.
In 2019 both won the world championship of free steps in "La Negra Salsa" in the category of couples.  
More information and lessons booking        https://www.instagram.com/danielmaioranoo/
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